A long journey, deep experiences...


By following ever-changing market trends, we continue to produce sustainable, high-quality products inspired by nature’s opportunities.


At Bionley, we are committed to producing only the highest quality products. Our rigorous optimization and continuous improvement processes span from laboratory studies to production, ensuring our customers receive the very best.


We want to be a reliable supplier to our business partners by constantly producing products with the same care and quality.


BIONLEY’s main objectives are to continuously strengthen its innovation and leadership position in the industry. To this end, we aim to rapidly adapt to changes in the market and offer the most appropriate solutions to our customers’ needs by continuously improving our R&D efforts and customer relationship management. By further improving our quality control and sustainable production processes, we aim to minimize our environmental footprint and contribute to society. Last but not least, BIONLEY aims to reach a wider customer base in global markets and expand our product range full of natural and scientific innovations.